Dasamoola Harithaki


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Indication: decreases odema, excess fat

Dosage: consume one spoon medicine empty stomach in the morning and one spoon before you go to sleep.

Quantity : 400g


Ingreadince                  used part             qty

Koovlam                        rt.bk                0.76g

Kumbil                            rt.bk                0.76g

Pathiri                              rt.bk              0.76g

Payyazhantha                 rt.bk                0.76g

Munja                            rt.bk                0.76g

Puthrichounda               rt.bk               0.76g

Kantakarichunda           rt.bk               0.76g

Moovila                        rt.bk                0.76g

Orila                             rt.bk                 0.76g

Njerinjil                       fr                        50g

Kadukka                      sd                    .48g

Elathari                      st bk                   .48g

Ilavarngam                 lf                      .48g

Pachila                        lf                     .48g

Chukka                      rz                     .48g

Kurrumulaku            sd                   .48g

Thippali                     sd                    .48g

Chavarkkaram             –                  0.12g

Sarkara                            –                 .48g

Thaen                            –                 3.84g

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Weight 400 g
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