Dantha Dhavana Choornam


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Effective teeth powder to increase the strength of gums and to remove stain from the teeth. Helps in killing germs and keeping mouth fresh. Gives fast relief from haflosis, spongy gums and mouth ulcers.

Usage: to be used for cleaning the teeth and gums in the morning and evening. After brushing your teeth with regular tooth paste, take a pinch of powder and use your finger tips to massage it into the gums and teeth.

Quantity : 25g


Each 100g contains

Aquilaria agaliacha 30g

Acacia catechu 30g

Glycyrthiza gaobra 10g

Cinnamamum malaboricun 10g

Zingiber officinale 12.5g

Red archer 2.5g

Camphara officianum 2.5g

Polossium chloride 2.5g

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Weight 25 g
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