Sarvanga Thilam


Effective against arthritis, joint pain, back pain and excellent for massage in sprains, frozen shoulder spondylosis & myalgia

Usage: apply 5-10 drops on the affected area and gently massage. Leave it on overnight. Use the pain regularly, until the pain is cured. The oil has no expiry date, but make sure to keep the bottle closed at all time, to avoid dust and other particles from contaminating the oil


Each 100ml contains

Nux vomca                   2g

Melia azadiracta            2g

Moringa olifera             2g

Euphoria antiquorum    2g

Calotrops gigantia        2g

Saussure lappa             .4g

Zingiber officiale        .4g

Acrrus calamus           .4g

Nigella satiya             .4g

Nux vomica                .4g

Aplinia galanja           .4g

Pongamia glabna             .4g

Pottassi                             .4g

Glycyrrniza glabra           .4g

Anethum graveolens       .4g

Aloe vera                         .4g

Sesame oil                     76.3ml

Melia azadiractia            19.3ml

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